• Let Us Not Sit Quietly

    On August 31st, less than two weeks away, SB 423 will take effect.  Patients had of course hoped that yesterday’s court ruling would have had a different outcome—one that would have allowed them to maintain safe and legal access their medicine. With Judge Reynold’s ruling, there will be almost three months of lag time between the implementation of SB 423 and Election Day, when the question of medical marijuana will go directly to the people of Montana. We must vote yes on 182.

    Without the delay of SB 423, patients will feel undeserved pain because their medicine has been taken away. There are over 12,000 patients in the state of Montana, all who deserve safe and legal access to their medicine. Thousands of Montanans will soon be left behind with no access to the medicine that brings them respite from their ailments. All are suffering from cancer, severe chronic pain and other debilitating illnesses such as: Glaucoma, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other severe medical conditions. Some of them have been admitted to hospice care. These patients are relying on their medicine for pain management, and for many patients, medical marijuana is the only medicine that brings relief.

    The compassionate thing to do would have been to allow patients to continue to access their medicine safely. The responsible thing to do would have been to delay SB 423, and allow Montanans to vote yes on I-182 on November 8th before taking any further action.