• We need your HELP and we need your SIGNATURE!

    When we qualified I-182 for the ballot in mid-July, we were so excited to have collected signatures from 42,000 Montanans.

    Can you imagine if each of those 42,000 supporters signed their name again to stand with Bob Ream and support the delay of SB 423?

    Bob Ream wrote to Attorney General for the state of Montana, Tim Fox, asking that he delays the implementation of SB 423. Read Bob’s words HERE and Sign the online petition HERE – it’s fast and easy to do online! Make sure you share too – we need 1,000 + signatures by August 24th!

    Can you imagine if each of those 42,000 people gave just $5 to support I-182 and make sure that the campaign has the resources necessary to win in November?

    That would total upwards of $200,000!

    Those small donations from supporters would enable us to educate voters, mobilize support, and run a robust and successful campaign all across Montana.

    To put it bluntly, we need your help and we need your signature again.