• "Medical Marijuana has been my saving grace."

    There are thousands of Montanans who are depending on I-182 to pass this November. Patients, suffering from cancer and other debilitating illnesses and Montanans that are sick and dying, deserve to live their lives with dignity and to choose the medicine that works for them. For many, medical marijuana is the only thing that allows some relief when no other medication has worked. When a patient chooses to share their story publicly, they allow us a glimpse into what their every day struggles are. The bravery and courage it takes to share their story cannot be measured and cannot be in vain.

    It is up to each of us to make sure that their words do not stop at our ears. When we learn something, we must continue to spread the word and educate others. With that goal in mind, please read Angel Hoerner's story and share it in conversation, on social media, wherever and however you can.