• Are you in it to win it?


    While I was driving between Montana towns today, I began thinking about the many patients whose stories stir up feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness, but above all--hope. Kati Wetch, in Billings, who lives with pain and has undergone many procedures and still, she smiles. David Lewis, a veteran, who has a quiet demeanor about him but has a strong presence and whose story about being sprayed with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War is heartbreaking, and still, he pushes forward every single day. Katie Mazurek, mother, wife, lawyer- struggling with cancer and the pain she has undergone to fight it, remembering her statement about how she should not be perscuted for being a sick person. I remember watching Tayln Lang speak and how, when he speaks, everyone listens, because of his poignant and graceful words spoken as a patient and veteran that make you feel something. 

    Sometimes tragedy and trauma bring people together because they have something to believe in and fight for. When we are at our lowest, we are reminded that we are all part of the same human struggle, and we all deserve the same thing--that we all deserve to live with dignity.