• Billings Patient, One of Thousands of Montanans Being Left Behind Without Access To Medicine

    This week patients are feeling the effects of new restrictions because of SB 423. As of August 31st, over 12,000 patients across the state lost safe and legal access to their medicine. This is a difficult and anxious time for sick and suffering Montanans. We cannot ignore that there are thousands of our fellow Montanans who benefit from medical marijuana and that the implementation of SB 423 is cruel and dangerous. Now patients will be required to go back to addictive opiate drugs and pain killers. Kati Wetch, a medical marijuana patient in Billings, tells her story to ensure that her voice is heard and that we do not leave behind thousands of our fellow Montanans when they need the support of their communities the most. 

    "The new restrictions on medical marijuana going into effect this week will be devastating for patients. I know first-hand because I am a medical marijuana patient and have been for the past 10 years. Medical marijuana allows me to effectively treat my medical condition in a safer way and without the complications associated with the pharmaceuticals I would otherwise need to use.

    I have an incurable disease, Arnold Chiari Malformation and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. These ailments typically would cause my brain to herniate into my spinal cord. I had my first brain surgery when I was 14 and have undergone multiple brain and spinal procedures that have saved my life but have also caused me severe pain.


    Two titanium rods are attached to my skull and 28 screws and plates hold my head up off my spine. The hardware allows me to live a functioning life but I live every day with immense pain. In order to treat my chronic pain, I became the first medical marijuana patient in the state of Montana under the age of 18. I know what it means to be a sick person and I have found the only medicine that works for me is medical marijuana. It allows me to live a full life."