Building For A Victory

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Thank you

Together, we’re building strong momentum for passing I-182.

We are building support all across Montana that will carry us through till election day. 

Thanks for being on our team.

Encourage others to join us by asking them to sign on and sign up.  We have just 27 days until the final votes for an accountable and responsible medical marijuana program are counted – let’s make every vote count.

Newspaper Endorsements

Two newspapers editorialized I-182, both the Great Falls Tribune and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

From the Great Falls Tribune, “We think SB 423 went too far, which is why I-182 or something like it became necessary.

We support medical marijuana, but we don’t support legalizing pot for recreational use. We also would hate to see Montana’s marijuana laws continue to lurch back and forth between permissiveness and prohibition.

I-182 removes the difficult-to-justify three-patient limit that has created hardships for some medical marijuana patients across the state.

We recommend voters cast a “yes” vote for the medical marijuana initiative, I-182.”

From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “In 2004, Montanans expressed their collective will when they voted to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. In 2011, in an act of legislative overreach, lawmakers voted to deny the will of the people by enacting restrictions on marijuana providers that put them out of business. And that is leaving those who need medical marijuana with few legal ways to get the drug.

Initiative 182, on the November ballot, would correct that wrong. And voters should approve the measure.”

Champions for I-182

Over 100 community leaders signed on and endorsed as Champions for I-182

Respected leaders and our fellow Montanans, are standing together for the thousands of patients who have lost access to their medicine.  In nearly every corner of our great state, folks are standing up and voicing their support.  Here is a snapshot of some of those champions

  • Katie Mazurek of Bozeman, mother of two, Stage 3 breast cancer patient, who you may have seen on the most recent episode of Face the State when she debated I-182 opponent- Steve Zabawa  (pop in a photo of Katie)
  • Evan Barrett of Butte, career in government and economic development
  • Bob Ream of Helena, former State Representative and former Chairman of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission
  • Carol Williams of Missoula, former State Senator
  • Pat Williams of Missoula, former Congressman
  • Marilyn Miller of Billings, retired President and CEO of the MSUB Foundation 
  • Pat Noonan of Ramsay, former state representative
  • Mike Ross of Billings, former business owner and patient
  • Nels Swandal of Billings, State Senator
  • Ednor Therriault of Missoula, musician otherwise known as Bob Wire

There is overwhelming support from every community throughout Montana. 

From the leading newspapers, to our Champions and individuals like you. 

By continuing to build our team of support, and educating voters on the importance of I-182 we will win in November. 

Building For A Victory

We know that Montanans want a responsible and accountable law allowing access to medical marijuana for those battling cancer or with other debilitating illnesses. Our friends and loved ones suffering from such ailments deserve the choice of safe, legal relief that marijuana provides. After all, patients and doctors are not criminals. The new medical marijuana initiative addresses concern over the previous law and ensures accountability to all Montanans by:

  • Requiring providers obtain licenses and receive unannounced yearly inspections
  • Allowing for product testing to ensure safety, consistency and accurate dosages
  • Providing access to veterans and other patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Our campaign is about engaging and turning out supportive voters and we need your help. Can you help make calls or help in some other way.

We are educating voters through virtual phone banks and helping to get out the vote. Every call made and every story shared is one more opportunity to give a voter the chance to make an informed decision and vote yes on I-182.

With less than a month till election day, every action taken is about one thing -- making sure that patients have safe and legal access to their medicine.

Let's win for the patients.