Let's Finish Strong

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Let's Finish Strong

As we build for victory in November, every supporter must be engaged with I-182. 

Victory is won in the final weeks of a campaign. We have built an amazing movement through sweat, smiles and a few tears, and now, we have to cross that finish line strong and together. 

Patients all over Montana have lost access to their medicine and need our help. Please volunteer and help us motivate our friends, family and community to get out to vote. 


Help Build Momentum by Making Calls

When a voter is on the fence about an issue, a personal phone call from a passionate supporter could sway their position and remind them that their vote matters. 

When we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of another person and try to feel what they are experiencing, that is when you begin to shift your thoughts to – what if? That's where you come in! 

Sign up to call Montana voters because every call you make is a potential yes vote. We are trying to reach thousands of Montanans but we can't do it alone.

Patients need Montanans to vote Yes on I-182. Will you help keep hope alive and join us making calls? 

Will you make calls for I-182 to make sure that voters know I-182 must pass?


Giving Matters

It’s not too late to give to the campaign, your donation matters by helping us reach more Montanans.  

Did you see the ad where Katie Mazurek gives em’ Hell and reminds all of us why I-182 must pass?

Shouldn't every voter be reminded of our fellow Montanan's suffering and how easy it is to alleviate that pain? 

Every one of your dollars is one more dollar to spend on advertising to spread the message that patients like Katie deserve access to medicine.  Your donations go towards informing every voter about I-182 and dispelling the myths.

Please give what you can. Every dollar matters. 

Thank you so much to all of our donors who have contributed to help get us this far. 


Get Out and Vote YES on I-182: Now!

Montana is one of the states that allows early voting and late voter registration. You might be wondering why this is a big deal.

Life can be unpredictable. All of those plans that seem concrete can fall through. When things happen unexpectedly, it’s crucial to plan ahead. 

Think about your daily schedule with work and planned meetings, children to run to sports games and after school activities, plans with friends after work, and business trips booked weeks in advance -- life can be predictable.

If you can plan something, you should, right? If you can plan when you go vote, wouldn’t you?

Every day is election day until polls close on the evening of November 8. If you are registered to vote and just go to your County Elections Office, and bring an ID.

Did you forget to register? You can register at your local county elections office in person, receive your ballot and cast it all at the same time!  For more MT voter information visit the "My Voter Page."

So come November 8, you don't even have to sweat it or wait in long voting lines.