Make Your Actions Count

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In less than a week, the day we have all been waiting for will arrive – Election Day on November 8th.

Will you volunteer for I-182 till Election Day?

We are not done yet, supporters.

From phone calls to voters to inform them about I-182 to helping distribute fliers across the state, there is still much to do in these final days.

This has been a long road. Everyone is running on fumes.

But the amazing things about this community is – every supporter is still running.

I-182 isn’t about one individual, it’s about thousands of people in Montana.

It’s about making sure that the people who cannot volunteer because they are sick, are taken care of by those that can take action.

When we win, we will win knowing we pushed till the very end. We will wake up November 9 and be proud of the efforts we gave in support of this important initiative.

So, take a quick power nap, make no excuses and let’s keep going!

Email or call 406-541-8816 for more information and get involved!  




Ultimately, your YES on I-182 vote matters the most.

Votes is what will decide this election and every single supporter needs to make sure that their voice is heard through their vote!

Have you registered to vote?

You can still vote. It’s not too late!

By going in person and registering late at your local county elections office, you can register, receive your ballot, and cast your vote all at the same time. Make sure you bring your ID!

For more information about voting in Montana, visit the “My Voter Page.”