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Have you heard of the southern African phrase, Ubuntu?

It means human kindness and community, but more broadly, it means ‘I am, because of you.’

Human connectedness is at the core of this campaign and what I-182 is about. That I am open to you, and vice versa. That we both understand that we must stick together and that we need each other to get to where we are going – which is winning on November 8.

The end goal is passing I-182 in a few weeks. As the date quickly approaches, the tension rises, and the stress of patients, doctors, and supporters shows. This is why I am reminding you of this phrase, Ubuntu.

You are not in this alone, just as I know that I am not in this alone. I will lean on you, and you can lean on me.

If we can’t solve it or figure it out, we will ask others for support, because that’s how we win. We win by having a solid foundation of people who are working as a team.

I gave $5 and in turn, have hope that you will too. And if you can’t and are unable to, I know someone will give $10 and cover for you.

If you want to plan an event, reach out for support.

If you want to write a letter, reach out for a template and help editing.

If you want to fundraise, reach out and make sure that you are adhering to campaign finance laws.

If you want to table an event, reach out for materials and resources to strengthen your efforts.

If you want to make calls to voters to make sure your fellow Montanans turn out come election day, hold tight because we are almost there.

If you love social media, sharing posts, and are a pro at being concise with only 140 characters, then the newly launching online social media outreach team is for you, so sign up!

If you want to make an impact, share your story. There is no greater gift than being open enough to share your life experience and through sharing, allow a stranger to understand why this issue is important.

If you want to help, but are not sure how, ask.

Personal communication and direct connection is the way we are going to win. While our opponents may think that signage is important, we know that person to person, and taking the time for such interactions is what matters.

Each of us want to make sure that patients have safe and legal access to their medicine. Each of us know that at the heart of this issue, Montanans want a workable, accountable and responsible medical marijuana law for our great state.

“I am what I am because of who we all are.”

Thank you for being, for supporting, for your generosity, and for pushing till we see this through.