Waterfall Effect

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Yesterday was an important day for I-182. Leaders from across the state endorsed the initiative by name and are standing with the 11,850 patients that have lost access to their medicine. 

Now, please stand with them and endorse I-182 with your name.

What needs to happen now is for I-182 supporters to create a waterfall effect. You must choose to activate and pledge to stay involved. If you become involved, then your actions will inspire others to act and become involved as well. I-182 must pass on November 8th, because the alternative is unacceptable.

While every activity is important and helps put I-182 one step closer to victory on Election Day, getting involved doesn’t just mean donating, signing up for an activity and volunteering, or sharing posts on Facebook. It means that you take on the challenge of being an active supporter every single day for the next 5 weeks.

It means you choose to do as much as you can until we win. It means sticking it out when it’s hard and tense, and having conversations with people who are living in fear and have yet to understand why I-182 must pass. It means giving $5 and not buying a coffee one morning. It means showing up for an event or writing a letter to the editor after a long day of work and when you are tired.

If we all choose to make our actions count, we will win. Can the patients count on you?

I hope they can.

Here’s how you can get involved:

·        Money – spreading the word cannot happen without dollars. Please give what you can.

·        Time – there are many activities to sign up for and commit to. Please pledge as much time as you can.

·        Write – a simple letter may not seem like a big thing, but voters read the papers and are looking to be informed. Please write a letter in support of I-182 and share your story.

·        Call – very soon phone banks will begin allowing for direct voter contact, which is the key to winning in November. Please sign up to make calls.

Thank you for your perseverance and support. Let's win this!