Champions for I-182

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Leaders from communities across Montana are coming together in support of Montana’s new medical marijuana initiative. Champions for I-182 are standing in support of the 11,850 patients who have lost access to their medicine under SB 423. We are standing for a responsible and accountable approach to medical marijuana in Montana. We are taking a stand for I-182.   

Will you stand with us?



Kim Abbott, Helena, State Legislative Candidate

Evan Barrett, Butte, Retired from Government and Economic Development

Gail Barrett, Butte, Homemaker

Dick Barrett, Missoula, State Legislator

Bryce Bennett, Missoula, State Legislator

Emily Bentley, Missoula, City Council Missoula

Jeff Biggs, Missoula, Firefighter/EMT-A

Kari Boiter, Billings, State Legislative Candidate

Lynda Bourque Moss, Billings, Former State Legislator

Andy Boyd, Bozeman, Political Strategist/Organizer and Small Business

Zach Brown, Bozeman, State Legislator

Melody Brown, Great Falls, Lung Cancer Patient and Community Leader

Jesse Bussard, Bozeman, Patient

Mary Caferro, Helena, State Legislator

Michelle Cares, Missoula, Missoula City Council

Kris Carpenter, Billings, Business Owner

Tom Catmull, Missoula, Musician and Professor

Douglas Coffin, Missoula, Ph.D. Missoula Professor of Molecular Genetics

Michelle Couvillion, Lolo, Patient

Carolyn Crouch, Billings, Former Patient

Ken Crouch, Billings, Former City Council Member and Retired Pastor

Amanda Curtis, Butte, State Legislator

Nick Davis, Missoula, State Legislative Candidate

Frances Deforrest, Hot Springs, BSN RN and Cannabis Health Education

Mary Ann Dunwell, Helena, State Legislator

Kimberly Faechner, Havre, Community Leader

Steven Faechner, Havre, Community Leader

Andrew Forcier, Billings, State Legislative Candidate

Stan Frasier, Helena, Retired from Real Estate

Jerrica Kay Friedt, Glendive, Patient

Daniel Fuchs, Bozeman, President of Triangle Public Affairs

Moffie Funk, Helena, State Legislative Candidate

Boone Goddard, Polson, Owner of and writer for the Valley Journal

Dave Goodwin, Bozeman, Music Producer and Songwriter

Andy Gordon, Missoula, Market Development Manager

Elke Govertsen, Missoula, Magazine Publisher

Jen Gross, Billings, State Legislative Candidate

Ellie Hill, Missoula, State Legislator

Sondra Hines, Helena, Curator of Education

Angel Hoerner, Livingston, Patient

Cory Holmes, Havre, Community Leader

Grayce Holzheimer, Great Falls, Retired Teacher

Randolph Jacobs Jr., Billings, Retired Attorney and Community Leader

Ron Jarmin, Ennis, Retired Trial Lawyer

Larry Jent, Bozeman, Former State Legislator

Jessica Karjala, Billings, State Legislator

Ed Kemmick, Billings, Last Best News

Laurie Kops, Helena, Public Health Account Manager

Barbara Kramer, Columbia Falls, Patient

Jeff Krauss, Bozeman, Montana Citizens for I-182 Treasurer

Christina Kromarek, Elliston, Community Leader

John Lackey, Bozeman, Patient

Tayln Lang, Hamilton, Veteran U.S. Marine Corps

Lisa Larr, Billings, Former Home Economist and Caregiver  

Randi Levin, Helena, Clinical Social Worker

David Lewis, Clinton, Patient and Veteran U.S. Navy

Ed Lieser, Whitefish, State Legislator

Chris Lindsey, Missoula, Attorney

Paul Little Light, Billings, Veteran, Patient and Candidate for Chairman-President of the Crow Tribe

John Lund, Missoula, Pastor UM Emmaus House

Sue Malek, Missoula, State Legislator

Marilyn Marler, Missoula, Missoula City Councilwoman and Council President

Katie Mazurek, Bozeman, Cancer Patient and Lawyer

Kelly McCarthy, Billings, State Legislator

Mike McGuire, Helena, Retired Dentist

Mary McMally, Billings, State Legislator

Billy McWilliams, Bozeman, Former Chairman for the Gallatin County Democrats

Marilynn Miller, Billings, Retired President and CEO of the MSUB Foundation

Laura Millin, Missoula, Museum Director

John Moore, Helena, Musician

Nancy Moore, Billings, Multiple Sclerosis Patient

Cindy Mulcahy, Butte, Former Business Owner and Former Patient

Tom Mulcahy, Butte, Business Owner and Patient

Shari Nault, Fromberg, Community Volunteer

Micah Nielsen, Missoula, Community Organizer

Pat Noonan, Ramsay, Running for PSC and Former State Representative 

Candice O'Brien, Deer Lodge, Community Leader

Heidi Opitz, Helena, Counselor

Sue Orr, Missoula, Political Activist

Carolyn Pease-Lopez, Billings, State Legislator

Sharon Peterson, Billings, Community Volunteer

Jean Price, Great Falls, Former State Legislator

Nathan Prince, Havre, Community Leader

Bob Ream, Helena, Former State Legislator and Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Biology, College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana

Chelsia Rice, Helena, Former Cancer Patient and Community Leader

Kimberley Rosalez, Polson, TSgt, USAF (R) and Patient

Michael Ross, Billings, Former Business Owner and Patient

Sarah Rossi, Helena, Advocacy and Policy Director 

Bradley Russell, Helena, Community Leader

Barbara Sample, Billings, Philanthropist and Civic Leader

Kimberly Schwabe, Helena, Community Leader

Karen Semple, Helena, Cancer Patient

Jon Sesso, Butte, State Legislator

Johnie Shipley, Butte, Patient and Veteran

Kathy Shipley, Butte, Patient

Gloyd Simmons, Butte, Aerospace Engineer and Adjunct Professor

Kim Smarsh, Miles City, Community Leader

Bridget Smith, Wolf Point, Former State Legislator

Carissa Spurzem, Helena, Operations and Membership Coordinator

William Strizich, Great Falls, Business Owner and Former State Legislator

Jan Strout, Bozeman, Instructor of CLS Seminars 

Nels Swandal, Wilsall, State Legislator

Dennis Taylor, Helena, Retired Public Servant/Bureaucrat

Ednor Therriault, Missoula, Musician - Bob Wire

Barb Trego, Helena, Ex-Law Enforcement and Patient

Michael Uphues, Wolf Point, Doctor

Jodie Valerio, Superior, Patient

Louis Vero, Greenough, Owner of E Bar L Ranch

John Vincent, Bozeman, Former Montana Speaker of the House

Heidi West, Missoula, Ward 1 on the Missoula City Council

Kati Wetch, Billings, Patient

Darcy Wiebe, Clancy, Business Analyst

Carol Williams, Missoula, Former State Legislator

Pat Williams, Missoula, Former Congressman

Franke Wilmer, Bozeman, Former State Legislator

Nancy Wilson, Missoula, Former State Legislator

Tom Woods, Bozeman, Former State Legislator

Cynthia Wolken, Missoula, State Legislator

Dale Yatsko, Great Falls, Community Leader

Janelle Yatsko, Great Falls, Community Leader

John Zumbrun, Havre, Community Leader

Niki Zupanic, Helena, Community Advocate


Will you join us in endorsing I-182?