Let compassion, empathy guide your vote on I-182

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle

I-182, an initiative regarding Montana’s medical marijuana program, strikes a chord with many. As neither a patient nor a provider, I still find myself emotionally invested in this initiative’s outcome. We must pass I-182.

Montanans already voted to legalize medicinal marijuana in 2004, but some of our representatives have undermined our voice by creating laws that sabotaged our program and left 12,000 Montanans without access to their medicine. Their decision does not serve us, the people.

I-182 is a people’s initiative. It is about people. This is about the mother with breast cancer, the veteran with PTSD, the coworker with epilepsy, the neighbor with Crohn’s, the uncle with debilitating back pain. This is about the provider trying their best to produce the highest quality medicine for their patients. This is about each of us who may one day need the benefits of medicinal marijuana for our own health and well-being. In an election season fueled by rhetoric of hate and fear, let’s vote on this initiative with compassion and empathy.

It’s our role and privilege as citizens to take care of each other. Let’s give our fellow Montanans legal, safe, quality access to the life-medicine they need.