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  • Medical-marijuana initiative appears headed for November ballot

    June 16, 2016

    HELENA - Supporters of medical marijuana in Montana said Thursday they have enough signatures to place an initiative on the November ballot that would undo new restrictions taking effect this year.

    Initiative 182 would remove a new limit that says medical-marijuana providers can have only three patients.

    The industry has said the new limit will essentially put providers out of business, because they can’t survive with only three patients.

    Morgan Marks, field director for I-182, told MTN News that its supporters will submit more than 40,000 signatures to county election officials by a Friday deadline.

    She said she’s confident they have enough valid signatures to place I-182 before Montana voters in November. The minimum amount of signatures needed is 24,175.

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  • ‘Yes on 182’ wants medical marijuana decision in front of Montana voters

    April 20, 2016

    A Montana mother is on a mission to live without pain.

    Standing alongside dozens of other medical marijuana advocates, she’s supporting a new initiative that would offer patients more accessibility to the drug she says is much needed.

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  • Montana woman battling cancer advocates for medical marijuana

    April 20, 2016

    A Bozeman mother is on a mission to live without pain. Kathryn Mazurek is battling cancer and helped launch a new initiative that would offer patients more accessibility to the drug she says is much needed.

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  • Medical marijuana backers launch new Montana ballot measure

    April 20, 2016

    Katie Mazurek speaking at the April 19th news conference.

    HELENA — Advocates for medical marijuana in Montana have begun gathering signatures for an initiative seeking to undo legislation that they say overly restricts the use of the substance.

    But backers of the measure have just nine weeks to collect the 24,175 valid signatures needed to place the initiative on the November ballot, but said during a news conference at the state Capitol on Tuesday that it already fanned out two dozen field staff across the state.

    If approved, the measure would lift the three-patient limit, establish licensing fees to pay for administering the program and include post-traumatic stress disorders among the conditions permissible for treatment using medicinal marijuana. It would also require providers to be licensed and their dispensaries undergo yearly inspections.

    Medical marijuana forces suffered a setback in February when the state Supreme Court upheld key provisions of 2011 legislation that rolled back a 2004 initiative legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana.

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  • Montana Cannabis Advocates Announce Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

    April 19, 2016

    A group campaigning to reform Montana’s medical marijuana law is getting a late start in collecting the signatures needed to qualify their initiative for the November ballot. Advocates for medical marijuana in Montana have just over two months to collect more than 24,000 signatures needed to put I-182 on the 2016 ballot.

    The advocates announced their campaign Tuesday at the Capitol, after the Department of Justice approved the language of their initiative late last week.

    The Montana Cannabis Industry Association’s Kate Cholewa said the late start on this ballot initiative is a result of changes to the Association’s strategy on this issue after a ruling by the Supreme Court limited the use of medical marijuana.

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