Montana Voters Approve I-182, Restore Responsible Access for Patients

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I-182 passes by double-digit margin

Montana voters approved I-182 tonight by a double-digit margin.  I-182 is leading 56 percent to 43 percent statewide. There are some votes still to be counted in counties where I-182 is either winning (Cascade, Flathead, Gallatin, Lewis and Clark, Missoula, and Ravalli) or is expected to win (Glacier and Park). 

Montana Citizens for I-182 Treasurer Jeff Krauss made the following statement this evening:

"Montana voters made the compassionate decision today, restoring access to medical marijuana for sick and suffering patients. We’re thrilled with the result, but mainly we’re heartened that patients like Katie Mazurek and Bob Ream will once again have access to the medicine they need in their battles with cancer.

When the Legislature passed SB 423, it acted without regard to patients with serious debilitating illnesses. When the new restrictions went into effect, around 12,000 patients lost access overnight. Today, the voters corrected that wrong. Today, we replaced a system that was built to fail under SB 423 with a responsible and accountable medical marijuana law, one that will work for Montana and ensure that patients who need it, continue to have access."