Statement on Denied Request to Delay SB 423

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Ruling Underscores Need for I-182

HELENA – Montana Citizens for I-182 Treasurer Jeff Krauss released the following statement regarding yesterday’s ruling on SB 423:

“We had hoped for a delay that would allow patients to maintain safe and legal access to their medicine until Montanans have a chance to vote on I-182 in November. But now, with SB 423 taking effect on August 31st, more than 12,000 Montanans with serious medical conditions and debilitating illnesses will have no access to the medicine they rely on for treatment.”

“Montanans battling cancer or with other serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain or Crohn’s disease are faced with losing access to their medicine. This is a scary time for medical marijuana patients in Montana.”

“On November 8th, Montanans will have the opportunity to restore patients’ access to medical marijuana and put in place a responsible, accountable medical marijuana law by voting YES on I-182. Our friends and neighbors are counting on us to pass I-182 and restore patients’ safe and legal access to medical marijuana.”

"Montana voters already showed support for medical marijuana when we passed the original measure in 2004. We had hoped the courts would wait just a couple months and let the people decide once again."